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Hefty Penalties: New Motor Vehicles Act from September 1, 2019

New Motor Vehicles Act

Recently, the parliament has made amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act, and these changes are applicable from 1st of September, 2019.

These changes will help citizens to be vigilant enough of their behaviours/acts while driving and also bring down the number of road accidents.

The Transport Ministry issued a list of these laws as per the New Motor Vehicles Act on 28th of August 2019.

These provisions will not only dig a hole in the pocket of the ones who do the offence but will also be a red flag for their driving skills.

Following is the list of provisions as per the New Motor Vehicles Act:

– A penalty of Rs.2000 on driving vehicles without insurance.

– A penalty of Rs.1000 on two-wheeler riders for riding without a helmet.

– A penalty of Rs.5000 on driving without a valid licence.

– Penalty for over speeding ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.

– In case of disobedience of the orders of authorities, an individual will be charged a penalty of Rs.2000.

– A heavy penalty of Rs. 10,000 would be imposed on the individuals who are driving despite disqualification.

– A penalty of Rs.5000 on jumping the traffic signal, use of mobile phones while driving, wrong side driving, and on other such dangerous driving acts.

– Driving a four-wheeler without seat belts would be charged Rs.1000.

– Individuals who are driving the vehicle while he or she is drunk will be fined with Rs. 10,000 penalty.

– The penalty for overloading of vehicles would be around Rs. 20,000.

– On blocking emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire brigade and alike, a penalty of Rs. 10,000 is imposed for this offence.

– Individuals who are underaged/juveniles (not eligible for driving as per the rules) if found driving on the roads, they will be fined with a substantial amount of penalty of Rs. 25,000 along with 3 years of imprisonment to the guardian.

New Motor Vehicles Act Penalty


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