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Group Mediclaim / Group Health

Group Mediclaim policy offers a pre defined insurance coverage to all the employees and their dependents (if included in the proposal) towards hospitalization due to disease, injury or illness.

In event of a hospitalization, that should be more than 24 hours, the insurance company will pay the insured the amount of any such expense that may include:

Room Charges

Surgeon, anesthetist charges

Blood, oxygen, OT charges, medicines etc

Group Accident and Disability

  • This policy provides insurance coverage to all the members / employees in case of accidental death, disability or accidental injuries.

Group Term Life

  • The Group Term Life policy provides coverage to the members / employees in case of death due to any reason may be accidental or natural.

Group Term Life in lieu of EDLI

This insurance policy is a variant of Group Term Life policy that is offered in lieu of the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme of the Provident Fund office.

Long Stay / Group Overseas Travel

This policy is designed for corporate clients having people to travel overseas on a regular basis throughout the year.

The Master policy is issued to the company and individual certificates are issued so that every time an employee travels, the authorised person in the company can issue the policy online.

There are no cancellation charges for this policy.

The premium under this policy is charged on a per day basis, thus the company shall pay only for the exact number of days for which the employees travel.

Group Gratuity Scheme

This is a mandatory benefit to be provided by the employer in case they employ more than 10 employees and an absence of a decent mechanism of funding for this benefit may provide a constraint on the financials of the company.

We assist the employers in designing a gratuity solution that effectively manages the gratuity liability.

We offer an end to end solution for the management of the Gratuity Scheme:

We start with an advisory service towards the documentation aspects

We offer presentation on the tax and the legal aspects

We assist in the preparation of the Deed of Trust and the rules of the scheme that shall govern the administration of the scheme

We follow up with the Commissioner of Income Tax for the approval of the transfer of the management of the scheme

We seek quotations from the various insurance companies towards the coverage of the Gratuity Scheme

We coordinate and ensure a smooth bridge between the insurer and the company while the scheme is incepted

Post placement of business, we ensure a seamless process of claim settlement and administer the scheme along with the company.

Group Superannuation

This policy provides for the retirement benefit of the employees by making regular provisions towards the retirement fund.

We assist in seeking quotation for this benefit and provide complete administration support to implement and manage the policy post inception.